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MIN is Back!:
Our first "in person" meeting will be held on Thursday Sept 29th.
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Our meetings are NORMALLY held the Third Thursday of the month.   
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MIN is proud to have supported numerous inventors in the past and looks forward to yours in the future.


MIN's past, Present and Future

Muskegon Inventors Network is open to everyone with ideas and inventions, looking for the means to make it reality.

Muskegon Inventors Network, (MIN) is a regional non-profit support group where inventors, marketers, and creative people can find a platform to get connected and network. It is a place to learn from the successful and sometimes the not so successful. Through networking, people will find that they are not alone, that many people understand their situation and are going through the same obstructions

Meet the Inventors of MIN

We are all Inventors! We are all Innovators! 

Join our meetings to hear from the people, sponsors and organizations that are here to help



MIN's "home" IS in the Muskegon Innovation Hub!

200 Viridian Way

Muskegon, MI 49440

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