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Muskegon Inventors Network

Helping people put the invention puzzle together, one piece at a time.

Muskegon Inventors Network (MIN) is a regional non-profit support group where inventors, marketers and creative people find a space to connect and network. We are open to everyone with ideas, innovations, and passion for change.


MIN welcomes and encourages inventors of all ages, experience levels and backgrounds. Our member community has seen firsthand the power of sharing ideas and knowledge, and the mutual respect that is granted in turn.

Upcoming meetings

2024 Meetings:

June 20th

August 15th

October 17th 


Stay tuned for more details!

Thank you to our 2024 Sponsors

MIN Story

Muskegon Inventors Network
Past, Present and Future

The Muskegon Inventors Network is one of the first Inventors non-profit networking groups in the country. We came together in 2008 to promote, nurture, and support the spirit of innovation here in Muskegon. Our founding goals include helping creators and innovators from all walks of life. We’ve always fostered collaboration and education, and we continue to provide resources to help inventors realize their vision.

MIN Meetings

Each monthly MIN meeting is a masterclass of resources and ideas. We begin with a short social exchange where members share what they’re working on. We then feature cutting-edge guest speakers who contribute valuable lessons from the business world, ranging from market research to intellectual property law and everything in between! All included in your yearly membership!

MIN Membership

Annual Membership Fees:


Basic: 50.00


Corporate Sponsor: 100.00 (Includes up to five MIN memberships and recognition through our website and meetings.)


Student: 20.00

MIN also encourages additional contributions for materials and events to raise community awareness and participation. These contributions will also help fund our yearly Legacy Award for Muskegon STEM students.

MIN Meetings and Membersip
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MIN Headquarters:

Muskegon Innovation Hub

Grand Valley State University

200 Viridian Drive

Muskegon, Mi 49440

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