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Support MIN, our members, and the Muskegon community!

MIN helps advance business ventures for Muskegon entrepreneurs. Annual corporate sponsorships help support this mission. Find out more benefits of sponsorship when you visit our membership page!

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"Seamlessly matching our innovative OEMs with creative designers and manufacturers."

RMS works hard to continually match the suppliers of ground-breaking products with creative designers and manufacturers - opening the door for the bold new ideas of tomorrow's electronics.


Link 2 Launch

"Connecting Your Ideas to Reality".

Link 2 Launch was started to provide a unique and cost effective way to help companies, startups, and entrepreneurs springboard ideas into products. We have the expertise to take a concept and connect you with an ever expanding group of resources & companies for your Launch!



Water is one of our most precious resources, yet many of us don't think twice about choosing poor quality beverages and ignoring the long-term effects that the pollution from the beverages has on our body. HyVIDA works to provide a healthy beverage for everybody. Their water is infused with hydrogen to provide amazing antioxidant properties to your body. Try a can today!


The Ringsulator ™ was invented here in the U.S. in Holland, Michigan by Rob Hamelink and Andrew Ruiter. This patented product is injection molded and locally screen printed in West Michigan. On hot days, standard beverage cups do not keep drinks cold and drip with condensation. Our patented Ringsulator ™ Beverage Cup Insulator is placed between two cups, creating an insulating air gap to allows drink to stay cold longer. 

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MJD Designs 

"Custom designs for your business"

MJD Designs is a design and engineering firm helping clients get their concept from idea to production.  Utilizing the latest in technology we can guide you through the product development process and recommend the best method to produce your product.  We have over 20 years’ experience in product development, manufacturing, Computer Aided Design, and 3D printing.  Contact us today!

Arcturus Star Logo.png

Acturus Star

"Creating vibrational energy technology products to support the health of all persons"

Their first company was founded in 1994 after the co-founders' son, Nathan Dunn, survived childhood cancer. He is now in his 30's. Their experience gave them an undying passion for working with health modalities and creating a company that people could trust to help them. Motivated by this desire, Arcturus Star was has provided cutting edge products in therapeutic technology systems focused on the lymphaticic system since 1998!

Muskegon Innovation Hub

"Connecting innovators and entrepreneurs with helpful resources"

The HUB is a business innovation center that provides coaching, funding, networking, and a synergistic work environment to help businesses and entrepreneurs maximize their growth potential. 


Ordinary jars with lids have been a problem for years. Slowing us down, getting in the way, and creating clutter. Vascito makes storage products that work like magic. Introducing the world's first airtight jars with no lids. Turn your wasted space into your favorite space with our clever storage products. 

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Diamond Coatings

Diamond Coatings Inc is an ITO glass supplier and specialist optical coatings company with a global customer base. We have a state of the art manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona from where we can supply a diverse range of products.

Our experience over the years has led to working in a different range of industries, including automotive and aerospace and even deep space.

A good example of our work would be the manufacture of a capacitive switch for a lighting system in one of the world’s most esteemed luxury car ranges.

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