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Previous Speakers

Rick Smith

Co-Founder & CEO of HyVIDA Brands

Expertise: Crowdfunding

Jimmy Tomczak

Inventor & Author

Expertise: Entrepreneurial motivation

Book: Lakeside & Tide

Jacob M. Ward

Patent Attorney & Owner of Ward Law Office LLC

Expertise: Intellectual Property Law for Entrepreneurs

Blog: Anticipate This! | Patent & Trademark Law Blog

Austin Groesser

CEO & Founder of Big Dipper Dough, Founder of Nitrology Treats

Expertise: Business Development

Matt Hintz

Co-Owner & Co-Founder of TrayCups

Expertise: Market Research

Ralph Allen

Co-Founder & Owner of TrayCups

Expertise: Market Research

Jerry Conrad

Internationally Recognizer Speaker

Expertise: Public Speaking & Product Pitches

Eric Boynton

Founder & CEO of Prong Shield

Expertise: Mechanical Engineering and Construction

Jeff Tenbrink

Marketing Expert at Encoris Group Corporation

Expertise: Marketing & Business Development

Michele Ringelberg

Co-Owner & Co-Founder of ThrivePop and Next IT

Expertise: Marketing & Web Design

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