MIN is proud to say that it helped the founders along their journey from the initial thought to product creation. No two companies were alike, each company had different areas that MIN assisted in at different times along their journey. The awesome strength of MIN is that regardless of the help that is needed, one of the members has experience in that area! Check out the companies below!


Water is one of our most precious resources, yet many of us don't think twice about choosing poor quality beverages and ignoring the long-term effects that the pollution from the beverages has on our body. HyVIDA works to provide a healthy beverage for everybody. Their water is infused with hydrogen to provide amazing antioxidant properties to your body. Try a can today!


TrayCups, founded by Grand Haven businessman Ralph Allen, solves the problem of trying to eat while holding a cup and a plate at social gatherings. With TrayCups, your cup and plate can be held in one hand. It's great for margaritas, snacks, beer, and more!

Prong Shield

Do you have some power tools, vacuums, or a computer cord at home you're worried about stepping on? Many businesses rely on machinery, and the prongs are a weak point. The small prong protector clips are not a rugged solution and will break if stepped on. Prong Shield is designed to prevent bent cord prongs from causing expensive down time!

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