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MIN has proudly helped numerous founders on their journey, from first thought to finished product. And regardless of an invention’s unique requirements, there’s always a MIN member to share their singular expertise!

Check out just a few MINventions below!


Water is one of our most precious resources, yet many of us don't think twice about choosing poor quality beverages and ignoring the long-term effects that the pollution from the beverages has on our body. HyVIDA works to provide a healthy beverage for everybody. Their water is infused with hydrogen to provide amazing antioxidant properties to your body. Try a can today!

Prong Shield

Do you have some power tools, vacuums, or a computer cord at home you're worried about stepping on? Many businesses rely on machinery, and the prongs are a weak point. The small prong protector clips are not a rugged solution and will break if stepped on. Prong Shield is designed to prevent bent cord prongs from causing expensive down time!

Jumping Jack Ski Seat

Jumping Jack Ski Seat provides an opportunity for all individuals to achieve a sense of accomplishment through a fun downhill snow sports. Our product is very versatile, as it fits into any ski binding. Users clip it in and go. Even more, the product is just as easy to learn as it is to set up.


The Ringsulator ™ was invented here in the U.S. in Holland, Michigan by Rob Hamelink and Andrew Ruiter. This patented product is injection molded and locally screen printed in West Michigan. On hot days, standard beverage cups do not keep drinks cold and drip with condensation. Our patented Ringsulator ™ Beverage Cup Insulator is placed between two cups, creating an insulating air gap to allows drink to stay cold longer. 



Ordinary jars with lids have been a problem for years. Slowing us down, getting in the way, and creating clutter. Vascito makes storage products that work like magic. Introducing the world's first airtight jars with no lids. Turn your wasted space into your favorite space with our clever storage products. 

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